• is age a limiting factor for this procedure?

    Age is not a limiting factor.  The physician will need to determine if you will qualify for the ACT.

  • I have previously been implanted to treat my incontinence and it has NOT BEEN SUCCESSFUL. Am i a CANDIDATE for ACT?

    Slings have been successful in treating many women who are suffering from stress urinary incontinence (SUI) but many patients are looking for less invasive therapies. ACT is a good alternative and can be implanted in patients who have previously had a sling procedure. ACT is easily implanted, adjustable, and can be removed without a complicated surgery.  ACT is a balloon, NOT a mesh device.

  • I HAVE TRIED INJECTABLES OR BULKING AGENTS without success. Am I a candidate for ACT?

    Yes. Injectables have a good short term effect but wear off over time and are not removable.

  • HOW Many women have been implanted?

    This therapy has been commercially available since 2002 outside the of USA.  To date, about 4,000 women have been implanted with ACT.


If you see no improvement with ACT, it can be removed at any time. The balloons are deflated and removed in an office setting with no invasive surgery required. After it is removed, you can be re-implanted with ACT or pursue other therapy options.


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